Tips for carpet dry cleaning for keeping off stains from carpets

Stained carpets can be a nightmare, particularly if guests have come over. While people often attempt removing stains with DIYs or shampoos it is not always the ideal way to handle a stained carpet. First and foremost stains should be tended to right away, the second one must avail professional help for the same and finally you should avail dry powder technique for spot removal. Carpet dry cleaning Perth is the latest advancement in upholstery cleaning and is highly favoured by experts during emergencies and for stain removal. Continue reading to find out why.

Dry carpet cleaning spot treatment process:

Experts begin by inspecting upholstery and referring to manufacturers’ guides to find out if the carpet can be cleaned using dry powder solvents. Next powder surfactant is applied to the affected area along with a minimal amount of water to dissolve the powder into the fabric. The solution used in dry carpet cleaning Perth contains chemical agents that aid stain removal hence it is allowed to sit for 20-30 minutes. Once the stain start breaking down all the solution along with the stain is either wiped off or vacuumed using a high filtration suction pump. Finally, experts allow the carpet to dry and apply conditioners to maintain the PH levels of the fabric. If the stain reappears the treatment is repeated using a stronger and more concentrated powder solvent.

Why avail dry carpet cleaning for stain removal?

  • Dry carpet cleaning ensures stain removal with minimal mess. You can directly focus on the stained or affected area and get it cleaned instead of wetting the entire carpet
  • The dry powder surfactants are concentrated they make stains break down faster and easier.
  • Dry carpet cleaning involves minimal water thus the drying time is reduced drastically. Stains usually reappear after drying, so when you avail carpet dry cleaning Perth for stain removal you don’t have to wait longer to check if the stain returns post drying, unlike steam cleaning treatment where carpets take longer to dry.
  • The dry powder method does not involve water so there is no risk of discoloration nor will the stain spread any further damaging the entire carpet.
  • The dry powder solution is allowed to sit for a while this gives ample time for the staining substance to lose from the fabric
  • The results of dry powder treatment for stain removal are usually much better than any other techniques.

What stains professional dry carpet cleaning can remove?

Professionals are trained and well equipped with the finest resources to conduct Carpet Cleaning Perth. They know how to utilize and combine them for efficient stain removal. They can clean almost all sorts of stains and blemishes especially if they are fresh. Some of the stains include:

  • Red or white wine
  • Coffee stains
  • Beverage spills
  • Oil or grease stains
  • Nail paint
  • Cosmetic stains
  • Bloodstains
  • Sweat stains
  • Ink stains
  • Water stains

Needless to say, dry Carpet Cleaning Redcliffe is an appropriate choice when it comes to stain removal. Don’t let stained carpets tamper your mood avail timely dry carpet cleaning service and restore your carpet’s captivating beauty successfully.

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