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If your pet spends a lot of time on your carpets, you’ll have to deal with pet pee stains and odor. Instead of fretting about the stain, get expert assistance as soon as possible. We have a team of highly qualified specialists at Fresh Clean Carpet Cleaning Perth that are ready to bring your carpet back to life. To get rid of pet stains and odors in Perth, we utilize a mix of steam cleaning, deodorizing, and a variety of surface treatments. This procedure will, in most situations, erase the stain and odor.

However, depending on how long the stain has been there, the volume of the stain, the number of stains, and a variety of other criteria, various stains respond differently with different carpets. When a stain penetrates the carpet surface and sinks into the carpet backing, underlay, or subfloor, we’ll use a customized treatment that includes some of the following:-

  • Pulling up the carpet
  • Pulling up the underlay
  • Washing & treating the carpet backing, underlay, and/or subfloor with specialized products
  • Relaying the carpet and underlay

In circumstances where the soiling is very severe, then for health reasons, it is important to remove the carpet and underlay completely.

Importance of Pet stain removal Maylands

Pet urine produces a foul odor, which can linger in the deeper layers of your carpet fabric. Cleaning is required to remove unpleasant odors.

  • Pet urine stains may quickly ruin some carpet materials. Such carpets will become impossible to clean and will need to be replaced if not handled promptly.
  • Pet urine not only stinks up your carpet but also travels to the floor and inside the house. Any property’s ambiance may be harmed as a result of this.
  • To avoid permanent damage and flaws on the cloth, treat acidic urine stains as soon as possible. It is quite hard to remove urine once it has dried and crystallized.
  • DIY pet stain cleaning products have been known to harm your carpet much more than previously. We strongly advise against utilizing DIY stain removal procedures.
  • It’s difficult to comprehend the right stain removal needs of different carpet materials without skilled carpet Pet stain removal Maylands.
  • We can thoroughly remove pet urine and associated stains from your carpet/property as Perth’s carpet stain removal experts.

How We Work?

To remove pet urine stains, we employ well-accepted procedures at Fresh Clean Carpet Cleaning Perth. Our methods are environmentally friendly and are highly recommended by Perth’s leading professionals. We use modern techniques, technology, and qualified professionals to remove pets from carpets. The methods we take to guarantee that pet urine and its stains are completely removed are as follows:

  • To determine the damage of pet pee on your property, our Perth carpet pet urine cleaning crew always employs equipment such as a black light or a moisture meter.
  • If the pee has spread throughout the room, the carpet and padding may be removed for inspection. It’s the only technique to get rid of pet pee effectively.
  • We use solutions to remove every trace of pet pee from your house as part of our carpet stain removal Perth service.
  • For urine crystals, we employ odor-blocking chemicals, carbonate solutions, and hot water.
  • Our carpet odor removal solutions in Perth are customized on the spot by our professionals based on the needs of your carpet, mattress, couch, floor, and other items.
  • Our pet stain removal Perth services can go to every spot where pee has been spilled and remove all traces of urine and its stains.
  • Deodorization solutions are included in our urine stain treatment Perth. Deodorization eliminates any lingering odors generated by pet urine.
  • If you have pet urine problems in your house, our pet stain removal method is the finest alternative for you.

Our crew knows how to prevent pet urine stains from causing irreversible harm to your carpet. We can also protect your carpet, upholstery, and mattress from future damage caused by pet urine. So give us a call at +61862555850 for an effective and long-lasting cleaning procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will you clean the carpet of all pet stains and odors?

Yes, our pet pee odor removal service in Perth is intended to rid your carpet of any pet urine stains and odors.

2. How do I avoid pet urine stains in my home?

At Fresh Clean Carpet Cleaning Perth, we recommend that you train your pets to urinate inside the litter box only or outside your home, preferably where it’s suitable. It’s one of the best ways to prevent pet urine stains. You can also use stain guards for mattresses, upholstery, and carpet. This will not prevent stains but make it easy to remove them.

3. Do I always require expert assistance when removing pet pee from my carpet?

Yes, professional assistance is required for complete pet urine cleanup. When it comes to cleaning strong odors and difficult urine stains, do-it-yourself approaches aren’t always helpful. Our carpet pet urine cleaning service in Perth will remove any stains and foul odors from your carpet.

4. What if the stain treatment causes greater harm to the carpet?

Our carpet stain removal service in Perth starts with a thorough evaluation of your carpet. This allows us to better assess the impact of stains on your carpet and the treatment options available. After that, we clean up the pet urine stains on your carpet. In brief, stain treatment will cause no harm to the carpet.

5. Can you provide your service on a Sunday?

Yes, Fresh Clean Carpet Cleaning Perth’s pet stain removal service is available on both Saturday and Sunday. We do this to make things easy for busy households and commercial establishments.

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