Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpet dry cleaning is a superb choice for super-fast cleaning of your carpet in an efficient manner. Carpet dry cleaning professionals in Fresh Clean Carpet Cleaning Perthpenetrate the deeper fibres of your carpet along with piercing the long-hidden debris while also killing the disease-spreading germs and microbes living on the insides of the carpets. Carpets that are of delicate make can be easily dry cleaned for achieving best cleaning results. We have the required equipment as well as skillsets to dry cleaning carpets made of silk, nylon, linen, wool, polyster and many more in Perth.

We provide the best services to all our clients. If in case you are not satisfied with our cleaning services, then we promise we would make sure to do the cleaning again at no extra fee. We render commercial carpet dry cleaning to homes, office buildings, CBD to houses, apartments, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and motels, bars, pubs, student accommodation, and many other utilities in Perth. Contact Fresh Clean Carpet Cleaning Perth and get assured solutions for your carpet dry cleaning needs in Perth today! Our charges are highly reasonable and pocket-friendly. Contact us on +61488884730 for getting your carpet dry cleaning Perth queries solved by experts!

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Carpet Steam Cleaning

Dry Cleaning Carpet

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Carpet Cleaning

Grout and Tile Cleaning

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End of Lease Cleaning

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End of Lease Cleaning 

If you are a tenant who is looking for carpet dry cleaning for a facility in Perth and you’re your lease to be renewed. Or you are a landlord who has got to rent out their property to someone else, we at Delta Carpet Cleaning Perth are your best bet! We also provide an end of lease cleaning service so your property can be rented out at good prices or your agreement to be renewed! Getting a Carpet dry Cleaning service Perth if you are a landlord will make your fetch a good deal! What’s more is we furnish a 100% bond refund guarantee. Our team of end of lease dry carpet cleaning Perth arrives at your property on the same day of booking should you require the service on the same day! With an approachable team provided to you by Fresh Clean Carpet Cleaning Perth who function on all 7 days of the week, you need not worry. Give us a call on the number present on our website or fill in all your details and expect a call back at the earliest. Our technicians are armed with high-tech industrial equipment to treat your carpet in the most effective manner without any damage to even a single thread or fibre inside it!

Reliable Dry Cleaning Carpet Perth

We at Fresh Clean Carpet Cleaning Perth are completely aware of the stress that last minute carpet dry cleaning for your Perth house can get. Which is why we hire only trusted and expert carpet cleaners for taking off the stress from our clients’ minds. Our team adheres to all relevant authorities and Australian standards at all times. And our services are also priced at very affordable rates. Once you place your trust on us, we will provide you with excellent Dry Cleaning Carpet Perth facilities and service in no time without any delay or inconvenience to you. The price we quote to you after inspection is the only amount you need to pay us. We do not believe in overcharging our clients for our business.

What’s The Difference between Carpet Dry Cleaning and Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Steam Cleaning – Gushing hot water is used alongside an emulsifier solution for cleaning the carpet deeply. Dirt that has penetrated deep inside the carpet can also be removed with this procedure. After which the water is then collected into a suction to remove it out. Your carpets look shiny clean.

Carpet Dry cleaning – This process utilizes less water and is hence preferred over any other method. In it, a small amount of a cleansing agent is sprayed over the carpet after which a rotary brush suctions out the dirt and grime. The carpet is thereafter vacuumed to eliminate any remaining dirty residue still stuck inside the carpet.

Why Choose us?

Fresh Clean Carpet Cleaning Perth is a reliable Carpet dry Cleaning service in Perth. These factors have made us an in-demand dry cleaning company in Perth.

Our technicians are polite and committed to their job. They are careful with your belongings while going about their job while on your premises.

The cleansing agents and chemicals used by our technicians do not pose any danger to the rugs and carpets, nor do they cause any harm or health danger to your family members.

We make sure to ensure to keep all cleaning services at reasonable and pocket-friendly prices.

Our online technical support staff operates 24/7 support, and they provide a personalized quote to you with a personalized quote which is free.

We operate for 7 days a week and that includes holidays as well. Your convenience is our topmost priority and hence we schedule our cleaners’ appointment with you according to the date and time of your convenience.


Fresh Clean Carpet Cleaning Perth is the company to reach out to, when you are looking for professional Carpet dry Cleaning service in Perth. Contact us on +61488884730 and avail a free quote and an appointment. The price we quote is the end price, unless the carpets are too soiled or stained and need advanced cleaning facilities.


1. Are all stains removable with carpet dry cleaning?

The carpet cleaning technicians at Fresh Clean Carpet Cleaning Perth have great expertise in their work. They have the knowledge of using specific cleaning solutions for specific stains. However, if your carpet stains are very old and left untreated for a long period of time they become difficult to remove.

2. Can I walk on the carpet after it is laid down again after the carpet dry cleaning procedure?

Yes, only if you wear clean socks. You can also walk barefoot on it if your feet are clean.

3. What can I do to prevent the stains from spilled liquids to go away?

You can blot the stain clean with a clean white cloth which is a little wet. Do not rub it as that will spread the stain to places which were not affected in the first place! Also, do not use store bought chemicals as they may make the stain permanent. Contact Delta Carpet Cleaning immediately for assistance and to prevent your carpets from getting damaged.

4. Do your technicians provide service if I am away from the house?

Yes, certainly. They are reliable and trusted. All you need to do is give us a key beforehand along with basic details. The technicians would conduct carpet dry cleaning Perth in your property in the best and efficient manner.

5. The house I am moving into requires carpet dry cleaning. But it does not have electricity connection as yet. Would you help?

Yes, absolutely. We have specialized carpet cleaning equipment which works on properties that do not have running water or electricity connection. So, do not worry. Contact Fresh Clean Carpet Cleaning Perth today and get your Dry Cleaning Carpet Perth woes solved.

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