Carpet Steam Cleaning Perth

Fresh Clean Carpet Cleaning Perth is a prominent brand dealing with carpet steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning and other services required for carpet maintenance.  We have hired only efficient, experienced and certified cleaners for the job. They have a lot of expertise and competency in dealing with tough stains and long-standing dirt from the dirtiest rugs and carpets. Our competitors only work on cleaning carpet surfaces, but we believe in delivering long-term results to our clients. Hence we provide a deeper clean to your carpets. Which is why, not just the outside of your carpet would look shiny and pristine, but the insides and the underlays would look clean and brand new too! We charge highly affordable and reasonable pricing for these best carpet steam cleaning and carpet cleaning outcomes that are unbeatable!

We take great pride in being able to work round the clock for the benefit of our clients. If you are short on time and need the best carpet steam cleaning services for your Perth office or residence, then feel free to contact us! Our technicians would help you out on the same day. And no, the same day steam carpet cleaning prices for Perth are not differential! They are the same as our other services. Contact us today on 0488884730 for guidance on the procedures and appointment booking formalities.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning Carpet

Stubborn stain cleaning and removal – The hot water gushing from the steam machine is instrumental in removing the long-standing stains sitting in the carpets from years together. The fibre is strengthened as the dirt stains that have been stuck inside the carpet threads come out with the help of carpet steam cleaning facilities in Perth. It is easier to remove such stains effectively with the help of steam cleaning.

Germ treatment – Mould, dust mites, fungus, bacteria, always grows on carpets that are soiled and dirty. Best carpet steam cleaning Perth definitely helps in getting the carpet rid of these dirty elements too in a very immediate manner.

Cleaning done with non-toxic agents – The cleaning agents used by us are eco-friendly and capable to disinfect and sanitize the carpets and remove any disease-causing germs and bacteria that live inside your carpets and rugs. The dirt generated after steam cleaning is also disposed of duly without causing any danger to you or the environment.

Poses no safety hazard to carpets – Steam cleaning of carpets damages the fibers and the carpets is a huge misnomer and wrong belief among the general population. The technicians at Fresh Clean Carpet Cleaning Perth work on steam cleaning that deep cleans the carpet in a careful and appropriate manner.

Improves the lifespan of your upholstery – The rugs and carpets in every home are an expensive investment and steam cleaning only works to enhance the lifespan of the carpets and rugs that keep your house warm and cozy.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Process

1. Moving the furniture from the carpet

Before performing any procedure on the carpets and rugs, our technicians move all the furniture that is present on the carpet. All the parts of the carpet thus become easily accessible to our technicians. Along with also making the process of carpet steam cleaning and removal of dirt stains at a more rapid pace. The other valuable furniture and usable items also do not suffer any damage.

2. Carpet Vacuuming

The technicians make use of a vacuum cleaner to clean both the parts of the carpet before the steam cleaner is used. The vacuum cleaner works to remove the dust and grime that are easily removable. Whereas, the steam cleaner works on removing the stains and deeply-lodged dust particles swiftly and smoothly. The other advantage is that steam cleaners have a better effect on the carpet that is vacuumed before carpet steam cleaning process can be carried out.

3. Mixing of cleansers and hot water

The steam cleaner is then filled with a concentration of a cleaning agent and hot water. We believe in making the hot water work in effectively removing all the grime, dust, and dirt instead of using cleaning chemicals in a higher quantity. The cleansing agents or detergents are only harmful to the carpets and underlay and so they are used judiciously by the technicians at Fresh Clean Carpet Cleaning Perth. That has made us the Best carpet steam cleaning Perth.

4. Steam Cleaning

The technicians decide the best parts of the carpets that need cleaning first. We initially figure out the exact position from where we should start cleaning the entire carpet area. They start the steam carpet cleaning in your Perth property from the decided parts and then move the steam cleaner across the remaining length and breadths of the carpets.  They make sure not to leave out any edge or any dirt from the carpet. In this way, the carpet from one room is cleaned before proceeding to clean the carpets in the remaining rooms.

Why Choose Us?

Fresh Clean Carpet Cleaning Perth is the foremost service provider that offers excellent Carpet Steam Cleaning, and steam carpet cleaning to residents of Perth. Our efficient steam cleaners and carpet cleaning staff are friendly and highly efficient with the tasks. They have achieved expertise due to the considerable work experience they have developed over the years.

We work round the clock and hence are able to provide you with emergency carpet steam cleaning facilities if required.

Our same-day services are availed by both commercial as well as residential clients.

Our technicians provide free sanitization and deodorization services

The carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning services provided by Fresh Clean Carpet Cleaning Perth are outstanding and highly dependable.

The cleaning agents and detergents we use for cleaning the rugs and carpets at our clients’ are eco-friendly and cause no harm to the environment. We are a socially and environmentally responsible company.


Carpet Steam Cleaning for the carpets in your Perth property is a completely understated and invaluable investment you can make for the long life of your carpet. Contact us for the best carpet steam cleaning results.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Perth FAQs

1. I have guests coming over at night. Is it possible for your technicians to come today morning itself?

Yes, certainly. Head over to book an appointment first.

2. How long do I have to wait for walking on the carpet post carpet steam cleaning?

You cannot walk on it until it is completely dry.

3. Are your products harmful?

We use more of hot water than shampoos and detergents in our carpet steam cleaning.

4. Do I have to vacuum the carpets again after carpet steam cleaning?

No, not until the next day.

5. How much is the time taken for the whole process?

It depends completely on the extent of damage and dirt present on your carpets.

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